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August 2012 HMRC RTI Update - Ensure all your software is RTI compliant

Published on Friday, August 31, 2012

Ensure all your software is RTI compliant

What's the latest on timelines?

  • Stages 1&2 (Pilot) - Pilot users continue to make good progress and provide positive feedback.
  • Stage 2 - With a waiting list of employers wishing to join the Stage 2 pilot, HMRC expect to achieve their target of about 1,600 employment schemes using RTI by the end of September 2012.
  • HMRC's Enterprise System for RTI - This will be installed in October 2012.
  • Stage 3 (Soft Go Live) - 250,000 employers are expected to go live from November 2012 to March 2013.  Nominations for employers wishing to participate in the January to March 2013 stage, are still being considered
    by HMRC.
  • Stage 4 (Final Migration) - Go live runs from April 2013 to end September 2013 for Stage 4.  Plans remain the same, but HMRC are now also willing to consider larger employers (5,000 plus employees) migrating to RTI during April and May 2013.

RTI Compliant Suppliers…

If you pay your employees directly or indirectly using Bacs, and have been allocated your own Service User Number (SUN) by your bank, you will need to ensure that the hash cross-reference is included in the Bacs payment instructions. 

This enables the HMRC to match the payment data from Bacs with the payroll data you report.  It is important that your Payroll Software Supplier is able to pass the required information to your Bacstel-IP solution and that you are running the most current version of the Bacs software (e.g. Albany ePAY), which is RTI compliant.

While a numberof Payroll Software Developers and Suppliers have already produced RTI-compliant pilot versions of their products, we are aware that some are still fine-tuning their software (in the light of experiences with the pilot, and due to a more recent issue of the HMRC Technical Specification). Because of this, they have not yet been able to set dates as to when the fully compliant versions of their products will be rolled out to the market. So, please ensure that your Payroll Supplier will have a live, current solution to handle RTI and that you will have sufficient time to upgrade and test the solution before the HMRC submission deadlines.

Where can I get more information?

The HMRC website contains some detailed and useful information regarding the implementation of RTI, which they continue to update on a regular basis: 

Alternatively, the Albany Software website is regularly updated with any new information.

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