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December 2011 HMRC RTI Update - RTI advancing at a rate of knots

Published on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortly after last month's update, HMRC went to press with two major additions to the RTI programme:

The backdrop to these milestones is the on-going impetus on 'data quality', which is paramount to the overall success of the project. HMRC are working closely with over 1,000 employers to help them 'cleanse' their data in preparation for RTI to facilitate matching of employees. There is a lot of press coverage relating to this - here's a good one to give you an overview (by Employee Benefits).

It is clear that RTI will be happening in 2012. The addition of 1300 employers by July is a clear indication that the project is advancing at a rate of knots and that all involved parties are aligning themselves for the April pilot.

The timeline as it stands today:

April 2012 - 1 - 5 employers

May 2012 - 300 hand-held employers

July 2012 - 1,300 employers

November 2012 - 250,000 employers

April 2013 - Mass migration commences

October 2013 - Mandatory for all employers

A reminder to you all:

  • Speak to your payroll developer
  • If you submit payments using Bacs, speak to your payments software provider
  • Cleanse your data (name, address, DOB & gender in particular)
  • Sort out your starter & leaver processes

Last week, HMRC issued some additional documentation relating to starter and leaver scenarios, together with customer journeys and business scenarios in general, which may prove useful reading.

Good luck and if you have any queries please don't hesitate to let us know.

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