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May 2012 HMRC RTI Update - Pilot kicks off!

Published on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

April has come and gone and with it the HMRC Real Time Information pilot began quietly and successfully with the first 10 employers to adopt RTI making their initial submissions on-time and with little issue.

Throughout May and June the pilot will expand to allow a further 310 employers to begin submitting RTI information to HMRC.

The controlled go-live of the RTI pilot aims at testing the infrastructure and support in order to optimise performance and iron out any wrinkles that may arise. The initial launch included companies from a range of sizes and types, including HMRC and Albany Software will be going live with RTI later this week.

The first submitter of Real Time Information was Golden Gates Housing Trust, who made the very first RTI submission at 8am on 11th April 2012. Commenting on the process, Sarah Moorecroft says that, "Fortunately because we are quite efficient anyway with our data, it was just a matter of checking all the information, making sure everything was right and obviously putting in place the new fields that are required for the Real Time. We [also] had to check our software for sending to Bacs. So it has been hard work over the six months, but it was more the database from our side, just to make sure that everybody's information was correct and that everything was right to submit that first time" (Guardian, 2012).

Whilst participation in the pilot ramps up over the next 12 months, you should begin to think about the process of becoming ready and the changes your organisation will need to make in order to become RTI ready.

During the latter half of Q1 in the 2012/2013 tax year, hundreds more volunteer employers will join the pilot and subject to its success another 1,000+ volunteers will begin to submit RTI data by the beginning of Q3 in the same tax year. By the time March 2013 rolls around, subject to the success of earlier pilot stages, RTI will roll out to hundreds of thousands more employers.

If you are finding that you still aren't entirely sure how Real Time Information will affect you, aren't sure what changes need to take place or whether your payments solution is RTI compliant, then now is the time to act. Real Time Information is less than 12 months away and the sooner companies are prepared the better. Don't get caught out, contact the relevant parties as soon as possible.

Albany Software are always happy to help and give advice wherever possible, and as such we will be hosting our Annual Payroll and Bureau Forum on Wednesday 13th June and this year RTI will feature as a key topic with speakers and panellists' attending from HMRC, the event is sure to be a key source of information on RTI for employers. Places are limited so don't delay registration if you wish to attend, if however you are unable to attend and have questions about the initiative then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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