Direct Debit Processes

Paperless Direct Debits


  • Paperless Direct Debits (PDDs) do not involve filling in a paper mandate. Information about the payment schedule can be collected either on a website or over the phone, and the Direct Debit Instruction is sent to the bank electronically via AUDDIS.
  • Within three days, a notification is sent to the customer confirming the details of the DD and advising when first and subsequent collections will be made. Collections can commence approximately 10 days later.
  • Information is transferred instantly, meaning no postal delays.

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DDICA (Direct Debit Indemnity Claim Automation)


  • Indemnity Claims are undertaken at such time as an account is believed to have been wrongly debited by a Direct Debit - for example, if it has been cancelled previously.
  • The customer will inform their bank, who will refund them immediately, but then the bank must be in turn refunded their money by the company making the error.
  • Indemnity Claims were paper-based and represented a highly time-consuming and labour-intensive process. They are passed directly into a business's systems, without the need for manual intervention.

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Direct Debit Instructions

  • If a bank requests to see a copy of a signed Direct Debit Instruction, the Service User must provide a copy within 7 days. Faxes, photocopies and image copies are all acceptable, as long as the signature is clearly visible.
  • Failure to produce a DDI upon request will result in a full refund having to be made.

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