The Payments Council

  • Set up in 2007 to replace the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)'s Payment Systems Task Force.
  • The Payments Council currently consists of 29 members - including 11 banking representatives, 4 independent directors, an independent chairman and an observer from the Bank of England.
  • It works closely with the principal UK payment schemes (Bacs, CHAPS, LINK ATM Scheme etc.) to foster a culture of innovation and co-operation amongst the most influential organisations within the payments industry.
  • The principal UK payment schemes signed a contract with the Payments Council which requires them to report regularly to the Board - which has the ultimate power to make binding decisions on strategy.

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  • VocaLink is the technical half of the Bacs partnership, which ensures that the logistical requirements needed to process the UK's payments are me and also manages the UK's ATM network.
  • Banks, and independent software developers such as Albany Software, supply the means to submit payments to the VocaLink infrastructure, which provides a secure and reliable transaction gateway.
  • On a peak day, the VocaLink payments platform is responsible for processing 90 million transactions, and over half a billion in a month.

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UK Payments Administration (UKPA)

  • Orignally known as APCAS, the UKPA is a trade body formed in 2009 to bring together banks, building societies and card issuers, providing them with a forum to discuss non-competitive issues.
  • It manages all of the UK payment systems, including cash, cheques, debit and credit cards, and automated payments such as Direct Debits, Direct Credits and online transactions.
  • The UKPA also oversaw the introduction of the Chip and Pin system and defines procedural practice for numerous aspects of the payments industry including debits and standing orders.

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