Harbour and Jones goes live with Albany ePAY saving time and money on payment processes

Published on Thursday, November 22, 2012

Harbour and Jones switches from online banking for more efficient and streamlined financial control

Harbour & JonesHarbour and Jones, one of the UK's most innovative contract catering companies, has gone-live with Albany ePAY from the pioneering developer of electronic payment software solutions, Bottomline Technologies, to streamline its payment processes and realise substantial savings in time and money. Harbour and Jones had previously used its online banking facility to process around 1000 staff and supplier payments a month; a method which was proving restrictive and time-consuming.

Harbour and Jones is a contract caterer with more than eight years' experience providing food & hospitality services within some of the City's most prestigious organisations from law firms to insurance brokers and financial institutions as well as various high-profile public venues such as St Paul's Cathedral and The Cutty Sark. The move to Albany ePAY came after the acknowledgement that a quicker, more reliable and efficient solution would save the organisation time and money.

Louise Bell, Finance Director, Harbour and Jones, comments, "Before implementing Albany ePAY we processed all payments via our online banking service, which was very restrictive as we were only able to make a certain number of Faster Payments. Because of this, we also had to make some of our payments via CHAPS which proved very costly and time-consuming. CHAPS transfers are relatively expensive, with banks typically charging as much as £35 for a transfer. Going live with Albany ePAY has made our financial control more thorough, providing us with an efficient payment process and streamlined back office procedures."

Bell continues, "Using the online banking facility, we always had to ensure that payment files were arranged in the correct format and it was critical that we adhered to the restrictive banking times in order to make the payment submission. Albany ePAY is much quicker and easier to use and we can now make payments up until 10 o'clock at night if necessary. This means that we don't have the time restrictions as we had before, and can work flexibly to suit our business and working practices. The solution overall provides us with a more reliable and coordinated service."

Bell concludes, "I have been extremely happy with the efficiency and attentiveness of Bottomline Technologies and feel completely confident that Albany ePAY is the right choice for our business over competitive vendors, not only on price but also by quality of service and implementation process."