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April 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Timescale adjustment

There has been a lot of press coverage this week regarding HMRC RTI.

May 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Employer requirements

The airwaves are buzzing with RTI critics all keen to jump on the negative bandwagon about why RTI is all wrong and in particular why it shouldn't use the Bacs channel.

May 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Technical specification

HMRC issued a press release on Friday, which impacts us all.

June 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Moving the goal posts

HMRC are standing firm on mandating RTI reporting for all employers by October 2013, but they have moved the goalposts on how this will be accomplished.

July 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Cross reference and hash concept

There has not been much movement since our last update regarding HMRC RTI.

August 2011 HMRC RTI Update - RTI is gaining pace

HMRC has now identified the employers who have been selected to take part in the RTI pilot.

October 2011 HMRC RTI Update - Gearing up for RTI

As time ticks on, more and more questions are getting resolved and the RTI road is becoming clearer.

December 2011 HMRC RTI Update - RTI advancing at a rate of knots

Shortly after last month's update, HMRC went to press with two major additions to the RTI programme:

January 2012 HMRC RTI Update - Only 10 weeks to go...

So here we are in 2012, and the RTI pilot commences in 10 weeks. Time is moving fast, with the first day for RTI submissions set for Wednesday 11th April and 11 companies set to go live from that day.

February 2012 HMRC RTI Update - 1 month to go

In a month’s time the pilot programme kicks off with a handful of organisations, followed by a few hundred more in May.

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