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Albany Bottomline Direct Bacs

Direct Bacs software - versus internet banking or third party payment solutions - enables you to maintain greater control and visibility of your payments and collections and ensures your business takes advantage of feature-rich functionality, saving you time and money.

Taking Advantage of Direct Bacs: 

  • Bank independence, with the freedom to use multiple banks
  • Reduced costs and no additional processing fees to 3rd party solution providers
  • Direct integration from your payroll or accounting application
  • Last minute same-day Faster Payments, ensuring you pay on time, every time
  • Wider submission window - from 7am - 10.30pm (excl FPS)
  • Advanced workflows, user limits and authorisation, scheduling, audit and reporting functionality
  • Offers file encryption and advanced security options
  • Effective Disaster Recovery and contingency alternatives
  • Longer support hours available
  • Bulk payments file upload facility
  • Improved back office efficiency and time savings
  • Enables HMRC Real Time Information submission


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