Operating System Compatibility

The following table contains information regarding the compatibility of the Albany product range with the operating systems currently available. Compatible signing software is also required from your sponsoring bank.

For any additional information regarding upgrades or interoperability issues, please contact us.


Product Operating System
  Win 2000 Win 2000 Pro Win 2000 Server Win 2003 Win 2003 Server Win 2008 Server Win XP Pro Win Vista Win 7
Albany ePAYsbe         X X X X X
Albany ePay         X X X X X
ALBACSip             X X  
ALBACSbureau cs X X X   X X X X X
ALBACSenterprise X X X   X X X X X
ALBACSbureau enterprise X X X   X X X X X
Albany eConnect Online X X X   X   X    
Albany eCONNECTcorporate X X X   X   X    
Albany eCollect X X X X   X      


Request a Support Callback

Please include details of any error messages and the point at which they appear and/or a detailed description of the problems you are experiencing





Technical Support Hotline

Our expert technical support team is UK based, ensuring rapid and effective resolution of any issues or questions you may have regarding your software.

T +44 (0)870 081 8250
F +44 (0)870 081 8280

The support hotline is available from 08:00 - 17:30 GMT Mon-Thurs and 08:00 - 17:00 Fri (excluding Bank Holidays).